& Social simulation

(DSSS) lab



Virtual Simulations

We create immersive digital worlds to understand social realities and explore future possibilities

Bridging the Divide

We connect storytellers and partners from the arts, engineering, industry and the community

Integrating Narrative Elements

We explore the power of storytelling to make meaning through new forms of digital media

Traditional Writing Methods

Digital Storytelling joins traditional writing skills with interactive design methods


Effective Storytelling

We talk about fundamentals of storytelling techniques like conflict, character, setting, plot and theme.

Web Design

Digital Storytelling improves students creative abilities through the design of compelling and interactive web-based environments

Sharing and Collaborations

Digital Storytelling can be shared instantly and remotely by design teams assembling different elements into a unified creative project 

Competency with Technology

Digital storytelling keeps the students up to speed with technology through access to the latest software and hardware

Critical Thinking

Creating branching-path stories in an interactive environment involves critical thinking and sophisticated design skills 

Recent Projects

Here at the Digital Storytelling & Social Simulation Lab, at the University of Victoria, we believe in promoting innovative interactive creative work by faculty, students and partners. 
Some of our latest projects include:


Based at the University of Victoria, the Digital Storytelling & Social Simulation (DSSS) Lab coordinates an interdisciplinary network of community-engaged scholars and digital artists to help community partners (co-ops, NGOs, start-ups) conceive, design and produce interactive social simulations and digital storytelling projects that are accessible, engaging to the general public and younger audiences.